Public safety depends on the availability of criminal justice information both to the public and to justice agency personnel. This website consolidates and provides access to various New Mexico state and local criminal justice and juvenile justice agency data sources. The easy access to justice data afforded by this website is intended to assist in lowering the incidents of domestic violence, driving under the influence, and overall crime in our homes communities and within the state of New Mexico.

The Consolidated Offender Query (COQ) / NMJustice web application is back online, but has moved.
Users with previous accounts will need to submit a new request to receive a UserID/Password & instructions for access.

To request access, please contact the NMDPS Servicedesk at 505-827-3413 or dps.servicedesk@state.nm.us.

New Mexico Justice Resources

Law Enforcement: US Most Wanted | Missing Persons | NM Sex Offenders Registry | National Sex Offenders Registry

Prosecution: District Attorney's Offices

Defense: Public Defender Deparment

Judiciary/Courts: Case Lookup & DWI | New Mexico Municipal Judges Association

Corrections: Offender Search | VINELink

Juvenile Justice: CYFD | NMSC Combined Adult/Juvenile Justices Directory

Research/Reports: New Mexico Sentencing Commission

Tribal Agency: American Indian Development Associates