About the Inventory

The New Mexico Juvenile Justice Program Inventory is a searchable statewide catalog of programs available to juveniles needing services. The focus is on the needs of children referred to the NM Children Youth and Families Department's (CYFD) Juvenile Justice Division (JJD).

Each program listing includes as much of the following information as possible: Program name, contact information, description, eligibility, ages served, capacity, funding sources, CYFD contract division (if contracted through CYFD), non-profit status, CYFD client populations, areas of the state served and types of services offered.

One of the New Mexico Sentencing Commission's research activities for FY2001 was the development of a statewide inventory of juvenile programming. This inventory can be used by the CYFD's Juvenile Justice Division, Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers, Children's Court Attorneys and Judges and others in the state searching for programming to deal with specific problems experienced by juveniles. The database was originally developed in MS Access. As originally conceived, the directory was planned to be printed and distributed to interested parties throughout the state. The Commission Members agree that a resource such as this would be far more useful in a format that is easily updated and accessible to anyone who needs it.

The online database is browsable and fully searchable. The inventory is open to the public as well as the target audience specified above.

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