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Grade Court - Eleventh Judicial District of San Juan County

Program ID 506
Program Name Grade Court - Eleventh Judicial District of San Juan County
Location: Farmington, New Mexico
Street Address 851 Andrea Drive Suite 3
New Mexico 87401
Mailing Address  
Phone Numbers (505) 599-9112
Fax (505) 599-9313
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Eligibility Adjudicated delinquent youth not currently attending school, or those who had earned lower than a "C" on their last report card.
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Ages Served  
Funding Sources Eleventh Judicial District Court
Non-profit Yes
Description Grade Court is a year round sentencing alternative for medium to high risk delinquent youth who have dropped out of school or who have earned lower than a "C" on their last report card. This program has helped judges, teachers, probation officers, law enforcement, family members, and the community to supress crime while turning juvenile delinquents into college students. The program combines the Juvenile Justice System and the Educations System by working along with the students and parents to make education the focus of rehabilitation in the community. Grade Court aims to reduce recidivism and the number of children committed to instiutions by acknowledging the importance of educating youth in the community. Grade Court is an effort to increase the success and self esteem of the juvenile offenders through the power of hard work and education. The program provides many year-round opportunities for students to receive positive or negative feedback regarding the degree of responsibility they accept. Failure to comply with the rules results in weekend detention or work detail: - Daily attendance in every class - Daily homework list initialed by teachers & parents - Weekly progress reports completed by teacher & initialed by parents - Monthly appearence in court to review progress with the judge - House arrest or supervised by an adult intil grades reach "C's" or above - Summer reading and book reports or an accelerated reading program & summer school - Parenting classes and support programs for parents - Required reading of the "Little Engine That Could" and a book report on the moral - Parents ordered to attend school with student if behavior problems or if a student fails to make progress - Upon completion of Grade Court the student will earn a 4-semester scholarship of tuition & books to San Juan College. Consistent monitoring of clear and relevant standards with immediate consequences of weekend detention, work detail or parents attending school provide a great deal of motivation. Abilities differ and progress takes time so no students go to jail for bad grades. The continued monitoring effects outcomes and is an excellent way to include parents in promoting disipline and self esteem.
Contract Division  
Client Populations Adjudicated Youth on Probation or Parole
Services Offered Education
Counties Served San Juan
State-wide No
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