Program Details

Jicarilla Tribe Head Start

Program ID 6637
Program Name Jicarilla Tribe Head Start
Location: Dulce, New Mexico
Street Address  
Mailing Address P.O. Box 545
New Mexico 87528
Phone Numbers (505) 759-3343
Fax (505) 759-3098
Web Site  
Gender Served Both
Ages Served 21+
Funding Sources  
Non-profit Yes
Description Supports effective transition from head start to elementary school, includes parental involvement. A type of pre-school for at-risk kids that helps to get them caught up to the educational level of the middle-class peers they will soon be going to school with. Includes social, emotional, physical, dental, nutritional and educational services.
Contract Division  
Client Populations
Services Offered Adult - New Mexico Head Starts
Counties Served
State-wide No
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